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Online Government Tender Submission In India


The process of Online Tender bidding can always be very challenging and we understand that. To help simplify the process for you, we have tender consultants who work with you and ensure a smooth bidding process. They help you track tenders, read documents, raise pre bid questions, find Joint Venture /Consortium partners, prepare and submit bids on your behalf and help in submission of online tenders / etenders on Different Government procurement portals.


Many Companies dont have a dedicated Tender Bidding Manager so we are here to serve you and your company for tender bidding in which the cost is less and no tender is been missed out to fill and submit online . we search and evaluate tenders of your products in which you can participate and start bidding . There are more than 100 different eprocurement government websites where you have to submit your bids and that’s not a easy task .


We have team of specialists which are experienced and expert in ths fields of work, with a number of in-house Tender bidding Consultants and Associate Partners.We focus on providing businesses and organizations with a flexible, successful and affordable solutions to winning more work through e tendering Over the last 3+ years our Team have helped won Hundereds of Government Public and Private Sector Contracts. Our win rate is over 85% and we offer a unique guarantee that we will support you every single step.

Tender Bidding Fatures

TenderBidding arrow Personalize Service.

TenderBidding arrow Tender Suggestion to payment follow up.

TenderBidding arrow Guarantee for technical Qualification.

TenderBidding arrow Personal login penal for Document and Tender management.

TenderBidding arrow Return of Investment service plan.

TenderBidding arrow Transparent report and process.

TenderBidding arrow All support under one roof.

TenderBidding arrow Assistance from Experience and Expert.

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Tender Bidding Services

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TenderBidding arrow Suggest Tender as per business.
TenderBidding arrow Study whole document and prepare a summary that includes eligibility criteria, Department requirement, payment terms and condition.
TenderBidding arrow Preparing document for vendor registration
TenderBidding arrow Proceeding for vendor registration with customer credentials.
TenderBidding arrow Taking the follow-up with the department for any query. Also becoming a bridge between the user and department.
TenderBidding arrow Uploading the document for tendering and suggesting rate.
TenderBidding arrow Submitting tender online and offline. If required, also taking part in a reverse auction for the customer.
TenderBidding arrow Updating results. If the position is L1 than supporting customer to get Purchase order..
TenderBidding arrow Also taking the follow up for payment on behalf of the customer.
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