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Government e Marketplace (GeM) is an online e-commerce portal which is operated & maintained by the government departments started in 2017 by the Indian government. Government E- Marketplace is a platform to facilitate and enable easy online procurement of goods and services required by different government departments, PSUs, and organizations in India.GeM having some facility like reverse e-auction, e-bidding, and demand aggregation to facilitate the government users to receive the best value or their money.

GeM online Registration handles all the purposes of seller Registration online, placing orders and payment procedures.GeM portal Registration as seller is an open support for all the suppliers who want to work with the government.

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GeM Features

Catalogue Management

TenderBidding arrow Standardized & generic - specification based catalogue.

Upgraded Search

TenderBidding arrow Full text and navigation search.

TenderBidding arrow Masking of sellers name in marketplace.

Price Comparison & Reasonability

TenderBidding arrow Using third party sites, multi - source and real time.

TenderBidding arrow Based on historical transaction data on GeM portal

Bundling, Bunching and Bidding

TenderBidding arrow Bundling of Products and Services.

TenderBidding arrow Bunching of Products.

TenderBidding arrow Automatic BID to RA process.

Filter Enabled for MSEs, Make in India, etc.

TenderBidding arrow Splitting of order based on MSEs purchase preference

TenderBidding arrow Highly rated sellers.

User Rating

TenderBidding arrow Performance based quantitative system generated buyer and seller rating.


TenderBidding arrow Decision Support System for Buyers/ Senior Officials/ Payment authorities etc

TenderBidding arrow Advance analytics for product recommendation, price reasonability, demand forecasting etc.

Vendor Assessment

TenderBidding arrow Online Vendor Assessment through empanelled agencies

Incident Management

TenderBidding arrow Fully automated incident management available to both buyers and sellers

TenderBidding arrow Well defined service levels and escalation matrix.

Benifits to Register GeM with help of Tender Bidding

Gem or Government E-Marketplace has been introduced to bring in transparency in all the government purchases and speed up the work. If you are a seller looking for registration in Gem, then Tenderbidding will help you. Here we have the team of experts who will get the process of Gem registration without much ado. There are a lot of products that have got their place under the marketplace. Some of the products are desktop, tablets, laptops, photocopies, printers, bar code scanners, air conditioner, packaged drinking water and much more. So, if you are a seller dealing in all these or related products then get registered in Gem marketplace and for Tender bidding. There are many other services also listed in the marketplace like transportation. Using the Gem marketplace, you will get a chance to sell and purchase the products. Along with this here the interested parties will get the purchasing power of the government officers.

Now let us help you with a little bit idea about the registration process. Seller looking to get registered in Government E-marketplace must hold the following documents. The required documents are PAN Cards, Udyog Aadhaar, identity proof, cancelled cheque copy, etc. Our team will accommodate you with the complete list of the documents needed for the registration. You need to reach to our team members and they will get the lists and will check each document before registration to avoid any cancellation or delay. This way the registration will be done immediately, and the seller can start selling the product using the Government E-marketplace. Our team will also help you with Tender bidding support as well.

If you are registered with Gem marketplace then it will shower you a number of benefits like direct access to government departments, the government will approach the products, and there is no need to fill the tenders as well. Plus there are many other incentives too like you can bid government tenders and bid tenders of n procure too. Get in touch with our team and our team will help you immediately.

GeM (Government e Marketplace) Brief Information

TenderBidding drugs pharma tender TenderBidding drugs pharma tender

Buyer Organisations

TenderBidding health service tender TenderBidding health service tender

Sellers & Service Providers

TenderBidding lab equipment tender TenderBidding lab equipment tender

Product Categories

TenderBidding surgical instrument tender TenderBidding surgical instrument tender

Service Categories

TenderBidding Labour And Manpower tender TenderBidding Labour And Manpower tender


TenderBidding Hotels And Restaurants tender TenderBidding Hotels And Restaurants tender

Service Offerings

TenderBidding Commercial Vehicles tender TenderBidding Commercial Vehicles tender


TenderBidding Security Services tender TenderBidding Security Services tender

Transactions Value (Cr.)

GeM Registration process

Step 1

You need to provide the essential details and information about your business to the web portal.

Step 2

Then, discuss with our expert advisors on how to get GeM Registration to ensure you obtain it in a hassle-free way.

Step 3

We have qualified professionals who will assess and verify the validity of your documents and business details.

Step 4

Once all the details are vetted and verified by our experts, we will file the GeM Registration on your behalf.

Step 5

Following this, you will get OTP on registered mobile & Email, then our experts will update your company details

Step 6

Successful registration of your business, you may start selling your products and services on the GeM portal.

Document Required for GeM Registration

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TenderBidding arrow Identity Proof & Address Proof of Proprietor/Partners/Directors/ Authorised Signatories
TenderBidding arrow Udyog Aadhar/MSME Registration/NSIC/SSI/DIC( if any)
TenderBidding arrow Startup Registration Certificate (if any)
TenderBidding arrow GST Registration Certificate
TenderBidding arrow Copy of Income Tax Return
TenderBidding arrow Company Registration/ LLP Registration/Any other Registration Proof
TenderBidding arrow Company Bank Account Details/Cancel cheque

Benefits of Sellers on GEM Registration

Benefits of Buyer on GEM Registration

TenderBidding arrow Direct access to all Government departments.
TenderBidding arrow One stop shop for marketing with minimal efforts.
TenderBidding arrow One stop shop for bids / reverse auction on products / services
TenderBidding arrow New Product Suggestion facility available to Sellers
TenderBidding arrow Dynamic pricing: Price can be changed based on market conditions
TenderBidding arrow Seller friendly dashboard for selling and monitoring of supplies and payments
TenderBidding arrow Consistent and uniform purchase procedures
TenderBidding arrow Rich listing of products for individual categories of Goods/Services
TenderBidding arrow Search, Compare, Select and Buy facility
TenderBidding arrow Buying Goods and Services online, as and when required.
TenderBidding arrow Transparent and ease of buying
TenderBidding arrow Continuous vendor rating system
TenderBidding arrow User-friendly dash board for Buying and monitoring supplies and payments
TenderBidding arrow Easy Return policy
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